Valley Agriculture

COVERPorto a3 ag,ed,klAimie Griffiths, Mawumefa Dotse, Katharine Lang

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The site is situated in central Porto, east of the Unesco world heritage site boundary and the Ribeira which are both popular tourist destinations. However, despite its proximity and prime location it is completely separated, physically by the Dom Luis Bridge, but also economically and socially. It is mainly occupied by clusters of local communities with services that are supported by locals.

The proposal is to create a masterplan that incorporates urban farming which will improve the public realm as well as generate income. Agriculture is a historically significant industry in Portugal and became the catalyst of the design. In a world where food is mass produced by industry, it is important to realise where fresh, organic food comes from and how it is produced. Using contemporary methods of farming will improve the efficiency and increase crop production. The masterplan will also serve educational purposes which benefits the new generation of young people.