Fountainhas Park

COVERPorto a1 sd, mw km, msSara Demetriou, Kirandeep Matharu, Michaella Savva, Matt Widdowson

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As well as cultural and community regeneration in the area, we intend to bring commerce and revenue to the area as well as create places and spaces for new young families to live. By adopting a clear rational strategy within our urban design we intend to create successful  tourist areas, not only bringing life to the area but also jobs and revenue for local people. With a mixture of regeneration of existing buildings as well as new development, our scheme will work alongside the long standing architecture of the city. With waterside bars, cafes, restaurants and shops, new housing and redevelopments, riverside fish markets and parks, the North banks of the Rio Douro will once more be a hive of activity and a central hub of the city.

This concept is derived by the existing footpaths that were evident on the site. These spaces although sometimes hidden were beautiful when uncovered, possessing the fundamental characteristic of scenic Porto. They lead you to picturesque areas, which many people do not pass through or to apparently secret  gardens. The sense of order, direction, and movement all seem to be lost within this vicinity of Porto. Therefore the creation of a through space, green spaces and new buildings aim to integrate communities, business, and visitors into a more legible park.