City Neighbourhood as a Net Producer

COVERLiverpool 3 os,mhMark Hryncyszyn, Oliver Seddon

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The main focal point to the scheme is the creation of a new green infrastructure as the driving force behind the city neighbourhood becoming a ‘net producer’. Food production is the core activity, with proposed allotments, orchards, market gardens and a city farm with grazing fields occupying the green spaces.

Produce would be grown and harvested before reaching its processing and production stage, with finished products and fresh produce being sold in the proposed markets and businesses adjacent to the green corridor. A central axis formed by the intersection of Stanhope Street and Grafton Street will encourage a flow of traffic through core spaces of the overall masterplan. The development of these streets will create a continuous transition from east to west of the site.

A reinstated Merseyrail station will provide a transport hub and destination where visitors will arrive at Stanhope Street. The street will be transformed into an eating and drinking strip, including cafes, restaurants and food markets. These eating establishments will use produce that has been farmed in the adjacent green areas and city farm.

A public square / piazza will become a focal point and multi-use space, offering flexibility for markets, outdoor cafes and general social activities.