Restored Community

COVERPorto a2 ad,ah, jpAlison Doran, Anna Hudson, Jack Prescott

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Our scheme has been based on a large amount of historical development, research has shown us that this now derelict area was once a thriving residential community.

In May 2013 the local city council removed as many as 50 of the existing residents from the Fontaínhas slopped site. The residents were forcibly removed, unable to collect their possessions they were escorted off the favelas and rehoused in the nearby district of Siege. Therefore our Scheme aimed to reinstate the community, and bring back the residents to their neighbourhood.

As a response to the economic problems in Porto, we wanted to create a place where the residents could live, work and play. Through creating a new brand of housing, spaces for allotments and herb garden allow the residents to create their own income through selling their produce to the park café, or at the market to tourists. Green spaces to encourage interaction between the residents; the community buildings engage the occupants in communal activities and provide adaptable spaces for all different types of activities and finally workshops to provide jobs.

We want to improve the perceptions and experiences of the site, reinstate the community allowing them to live work and play here.