Forever Young Porto

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Jakub Rozanski, Luis Lopez Suarez

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Our aim is to attract a new young population to the site, transforming it into a new hub for creative industries and a leading region for the development of the youth’s skills and innovative talent.

The proposal consists on three “worlds” based on existing physical features located at the top, middle, and bottom sections of the site, and are established through the extension of these.

A series of nodes with specific programmes along these “worlds” create new connections  between the three levels,  becoming new additions to the  city’s general network of activities.

Our vision consists on turning the given site into a place to live, learn, make, share, earn and play, through the implementation of a series of architectural strategies, bringing new life to the area and providing it with a unique identity which we believe would, in turn, generate demand for further  schemes in adjacent areas and attract potential investors. We believe  creativity is a basic element of human existence capable of open new fronts of activity and development, thus providing greater possibilities for success through originality and inventive power.