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COVERPorto c2 nw, lo, lmNatalie Wilson, Lauren O’Gara, Leah McKnight

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Analysis of the existing site showed a lack of engagement between the different neighbourhoods of Massarelos, and a lack of clearly demonstrated physical connections across the area. The main draw to the area is along the Rua Do Campo Alegre to the north of the site, where the majority of the activity in the area occurs. With a deteriorated economy in Portugal, is it vital to create job opportunities and development that will attract people to the area. We propose an expansion and regeneration of the University of Porto through a new green pedestrianised route that will knit the surrounding fragmented neighbourhoods together by creating a coherent and cohesive line of engagement from the top of the valley down to the waterfront. The proposal links the surrounding areas through the definition of existing routes and expansion of new connections, whilst containing the stunning panoramic views across the River Douro. The proposal presents a mixed programme of social, educational and residential activity in order to fit in with the existing urban fabric.