Douro Picturesque Park

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Ross Harrison, Dean Roberts, Ian Karling

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In order to set out the principles of the design strategy a manifesto for the River Douro was established.

  • We believe the identity of the area is at risk
  • Identity is defined by the phenomenological response to the place; to the touch, the taste, the smell, sounds and sights.
  • In the case of the River Douro these phenomena are embodied within specific sites where exploitation of the senses is at its greatest. This is where a Genius Loci can be said to exist.
  • In order to protect these Genius Loci the exploitation of the senses should be extended to reinforce the phenomenological experience of visiting Oporto and Gaia.

The proposal creates a picturesque landscape park along the River Douro Valley. This engages with the sublime nature of the valley as it exists, and creates a dynamic upon which future intervention can be created.

Within the park we propose functions which compliment or enhance the phenomenology of the site, ranging from small scale streetscape interventions to a select number of large scale leisure and cultural buildings.