COVERLiverpool 5 ag, cr, jmAynsley Gray, Jamie McAllister, Caryl Roberts

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A contextual place-making proposal situated within the central Liverpool/Toxteth boundary, around the Cains Brewery. The concept is to establish a sustainable mixed use community to address the key demands of the area. The proposal will establish a connection between the site and its neighbouring waterfront. A connection is also established though the area from the Baltic Triangle to the Toxteth residential area. These are the two key axis which link the area’s peripheral neightbourhoods together. A district centre is formed at the heart, connecting the two axis. The strategy will be implemented in three phases. Specific dilapidated areas are selected for initial works. The original warehouse fabric is essential for temporary start-ups, used as community based projects. These projects will act as a catalyst to inform future developments of the high street.