The Boulevards of Liverpool

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Suzanne Bowman, Philip Dudley,  Wioleta Kreczmer

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Denial and reward can create the formula for a powerful experience within city life. The intricate detail of boulevards as paths of travel, reveal to the users a clear view of their destination such as a building entrance, a landmark or a square.

This view may then be altered to conceal this destination, but only momentarily to then bare itself again. This process may happen often during the passage of travel through the journey of the boulevard, were points of reveal from different angles will keep the user engaged. Along with this, secondary more intimate routes will divert users, giving them a sense of being briefly lost, to then connect back to their journey. This rich urban fabric will keep the journey stimulating and the arrival all the more rewarding.

Our scheme reinvigorates the current infrastructure of the cities main arterial routes, through boulevards, to create a permeable city edge, encouraging the surrounding more deprived areas to be enhanced. As well as this a civic circuit is realised and reconnected to give a strong city core.