University of Porto

COVERPorto c1 mc,ed,eeMichael Campbell, Emma‐Jane Dawson, Elizabeth Edwards

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The University of Porto has collaborated with the Future City’s project, whose aim is to regenerate the city of Porto and use it as a test bed and prototype of a living city. Parallel to this is an active group called Future Places which is dedicated to grounding the Future City project in order to connect it with the heritage and community of Porto through installations and discussions.  Our aim is to collaborate these two ideas as a introductory phase. Using the university as a catalyst for the Future City’s project as it has ambition to grow in specific areas, which will support the growth of the Portuguese economy. Objectives set out by the Vice 500-363-mcamp-a-4Chancellor of the University of Porto:-   Expansion and Introduction of Selected Faculties  Provide Facilities for Selected Societies  Introduction of Public Realm Interventions  Preparation for Future Cities Development   Improve Site Circulation   Improve Connection to the City Centre via Foot and Public Transport To fulfil this aim for our client, the aim of the Future City project and taking into account the Future Places concerns, we have created an urban strategy that provides space for potential new faculties, societies, residences, an enhanced cultural quarter and opportunity to expand existing faculties such as sport, computer science and business.